Exemption Information Page 

All exemptions for each Roll Year are due to the Assessor’s Office by March 1.

For exemption renewals, homeowners will generally be mailed or emailed a renewal form between the end of October and the middle of December. If you do not receive a form by the end of December, please contact the Assessor’s office to check the status of your exemption.


The State of New York has made changes to the STAR Program. Please see the bottom of the page for an explanation and instructions on how to handle your renewal so to continue receiving the exemption.

Veterans may be interested in the Alternative Veteran’s Exemption (RP-458-a) or Cold War Veteran’s Exemption (RP-458-b). See more at this Page.


Exemptions that need to be renewed each year include the following: 

  • Agricultural Assessment Exemption: RP-305-R
  • Disability Exemption: RP-459-C-Rnw
  • Non Profit Exemptions: See this Page of the Assessor’s Manual for details and a list of necessary forms for new applicants and for renewals.


All applications and corresponding instructions can be obtained directly through our office or online at https://tax.ny.gov/

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at any time with questions or to check on the status of your submitted application or approved exemption!


STAR Program Updates

The State of New York has made changes to the STAR Program over the past several years. Beginning with the passing of the 2016 Executive Budget, the STAR credit was introduced. The STAR credit provides a property owner with a check instead of a property tax exemption on their school tax bill. See this page to read more about or register for the STAR credit: Link.


In 2019, all Senior Citizen Exemption recipients were required to apply separately to the Enhanced STAR program in addition to the Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens instead of using a single form for both of them. Please see the following State brochure for more information: NYS Pub 1095


For 2020, property owners who have the STAR exemption are given the option to switch to receiving the STAR credit and owners whose income is between $250,000 and $500,000 will be moved over to the STAR credit program. For more details, see this page: Link.


The STAR exemption program is closed to new applicants but will continue for this year for those who currently hold it. See more at this page: Link.


For anyone who wants more information about the STAR credit program, here are the State’s most common Q&A.