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Darrell Dutcher 

Dog Control Officer   


VISIT ON FACEBOOK: Chatham Dog Control Officer 

If your dog should go missing the first thing you should do is to report the incident to the Town Clerk (518) 392-3262 AND to the Dog Control Officer (518)794-0432. If a dog is picked up by the Dog Control Officer and its owner can not be located, it will be turned over to the Columbia Greene Humane Society (518) 828-6044.

New York State Agriculture and Markets Law requires All Dogs, aged 4 months and older, to be licensed in the municipality in which they reside. Registration is quick and easy. Simply download the Dog License Application/Renewal Form below, fill it out, include a copy of a valid rabies certificate from your veterinarian, and write a check written to the “Town of Chatham” for the appropriate amount. Drop the Application in the mail or bring it by the Town Hall. It’s that easy!

Fee for a spayed/neutered dog: $7.50
Fee for any dog not spayed/neutered: $15.50

If you have questions pertaining to dog licensing, please call the Town Clerk at (518) 392-3262.

Dog License Application/Renewal Form 

Dogs are generally licensed for one year. However, you do have the option of licensing your dog for two or three years which can correspond with the expiration of the rabies vaccination.

Renewal reminders will be mailed the 1st week of the month in-which the license is due to expire.
Failure to renew within the renewal month will result in a late fee of $10.00.
A valid rabies certificate MUST accompany the license renewal form.
Lost tags can be replaced for $3.00.