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Important: In order to access the online survey, you will need to enter the unique access code which was provided on the postcard recently mailed to your household. If multiple people in your household wish to participate in the survey, you should each use the same code.

About This Survey / Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Why is this survey being conducted?

The Town of Chatham Town Board is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, a process that typically takes place every ten years. This survey is being conducted to collect input from all residents and property owners within the Town of Chatham on issues that will help to provide direction for our policies and zoning over the next decade. The results will be used to help identify and shape necessary updates to the plan, so your input is very important.

Help! I can’t find my postcard!
If you are a resident, business or property owner within the town, and you cannot locate the postcard which was mailed to you, please send an email with your last name and mailing address to so that your login code can be re-sent to you.

Who is conducting this survey?

This survey is being conducted by an independent planning consultant retained by the Town of Chatham who is assisting the town and the Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee (CPURC) on the plan update. Once the survey is completed, they will provide a report of all the results for review and consideration by the town.

Why do I need to type in a unique login code?

The unique login code serves two purposes. Since the unique codes were only sent via postcard to known residents and property owners on record within Chatham (+/- 2,800 addresses), it helps to provide assurance that the survey will not be disrupted by people from outside the town. Secondly, it provides a mechanism to identify which households did not complete the survey, so that a paper-copy reminder can be mailed directly to them. By eliminating the number of households which need to be mailed paper copies, the printing, postage and labor costs to the town can be reduced. The more people who take the online survey, the easier it will be to manage, however we wanted to provide both options.

Is this survey anonymous? Why do we have unique codes?

Yes, this survey is anonymous. The unique codes are created and managed only by the independent planning consultant who is conducting the survey. They are responsible for collecting and compiling all of the results, which will be provided in a report to the town after the survey is complete. They are also responsible for providing a list of mailing addresses which did not complete the online survey, so that the town can mail them paper copies as a reminder. Individually identifying information will not be shared with the town.

Will the Village of Chatham be invited to participate in the survey?

Village residents live either within the Town of Chatham or within the Town of Ghent. It is our intent that residents, property and business owners within the Town of Chatham’s jurisdiction of the village (the north end) will be invited to participate in the survey.

Please note however that the mailing data used to send out the postcards did not accurately include all businesses within the village unless they owned property (not if they are leasing their space). To remedy this, the town intends to deliver the survey invitation to these other businesses through alternative methods, such as hand-delivery if necessary.

Does the Comprehensive Plan include the Village of Chatham?

No, jurisdictionally speaking, the village is its own political entity and is governed by its own comprehensive plan which takes precedence for them. However, it is recognized that the people there are still town stakeholders and will have an interest in the Town Comprehensive Plan. It is anticipated that coordination with the village will be undertaken in future steps as part of the planning process, since it is an important neighbor and a large part of the overall community.

How were the questions in this survey developed?

The questions in this survey were developed jointly by the planning consultant and the Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee (CPURC). Many of the topics and issues covered in the questions were derived from public input which was received during a Public Meeting held on June 5th, 2021 at the PS21 Performance Space in Chatham. That meeting was designed to introduce the planning effort to the community and identify what are the important issues which should be covered in this survey. For more information about the June 5th meeting, see the link in the following question.

Who is the Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee (CPURC)?

For more information about the CPURC, visit the town webpage reserved for their work at this link:

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